The stock futures were lower on Thursday as investors raised the latest batch of corporate earnings.

The Futures tied to Dow Jones Industrial decreased by 31 points which is 0.09%. S&P 500 futures decreased 0.26%. Nasdaq 100 futures decreased 0.41%.

Investors parsed a bevy of reports which were released from companies on Wednesday after the bell. Tesla decreased  5% after the electrical vehicle maker reported that the net income and GAAP decreased more than 20%.

IBM increased by 2% after the company said that the margins were expanding.

“Earnings reports have been mixed thus far, with individual stocks responding to specific company results relative to expectations rather than broad index directionality,” William Northey said.

The Nasdaq composite ended on Wednesday a bit Higher. Dow decreased 0.2%.

The People’s Bank of China kept a prime rate for its loans, 3.65% for its 1 year loans and 4.3% for its 4 year loans.

The bench mark of the lending rates of the country was unchanged since August 2022.

Exports from April 2022 to March increased by 15.5% after which they reached 99.2 trillion.

In March alone, Japan’s exports increased 4.3%. It was less than 6.5% which was the export in February.

New zealand’s inflation rate for the first quarter was a little slower i.e., 6.7%.

 The economists expected it to be 7.1%.

With completion of the three trading sessions, the major indexes increased for the week.

It was the best week for S&P 500, it had an increase of 0.4%. The Nasdaq composite increased 0.3%. The Dow was also slightly above the flat line.

Tesla shares decreased by 3.6%.

Las Vegas Sands stocks increased by 4.3%.

IBM shares increased by 2.3%. 

Stock futures went below as extended trading went up.

Futures tied to Dow decreased by 0.1%. S&P futures decreased 0.2% and Nasdaq 100 futures decreased 0.2%.

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