Millions of properties in the U.S are at risk over the next three decades because of the fueling of hurricane winds.

The properties which are not currently exposed to tropical cyclones, which is almost 13 million properties, will be at a risk to be damaged from the winds of hurricane.

It has been estimated from the researchers that annual losses of $18.5 billion could be experienced by the U.S. from the hurricane winds, this may even increase to $20 billion eventually in 2053. $1 billion is seen coming from exposure in Florida alone in this increase.

Florida is the most vulnerable state to storms, a shift could be seen in the landfall of hurricanes from the southern cities like Miami to more northern cities like Jacksonville.

The projection has come in as scores of residents across southwest florida in struggle. The after effect of the hurricane was a landfall and death of 150 people and leaving many others displaced.

Largest rise in maximum winds will be experienced in the mid Atlantic region. Inland states which include Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee may see a rise in wind speed from 87 mph to 97 mph during strong hurricanes.

It is also seen that areas such as Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Virginia are at a greater risk of storm winds.

The hurricane period of the country is becoming even more intense and longer, the climate change is showing a lot of destructive storms.

“This next generation of hurricane strength will bring unavoidable financial impacts and devastation that have not yet been priced in the market,” Eby said.

- Published By Team Nation Press News

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