According to Aon data, pension plan funding has been steadily rising during the Great Recession. One indicator of a pension plan’s health is its so-called funded ratio. It compares a plan’s assets to the potential payouts to beneficiaries that the plan must make. According to analysts, a better financial situation increases the chance that businesses would keep their pension plans active and lowers the possibility of benefit reductions for some employees.

Retirement experts stated that the largest U.S. corporations’ pension plans are at their healthiest in more than a decade, which is good news for the employees who participate in such schemes.

According to data compiled by the insurance company Aon, public companies included in the S&P 500 stock index had an average pension “funded ratio” of 102% as of September 21. The ratio hasn’t been that high since roughly the end of 2011 when it was approximately 78%.

An indicator of the health of a pension is its funded ratio. It compares the pension assets and liabilities of a corporation. In other words, it compares the amount of money a pension has on hand to the amount of money a business requires to pay prospective pension benefits to employees.

On the way around we say it compares the amount of money, a pension has on hand to the amount of money a business needs to pay the prospective benefits to the employees.

Pension schemes also known as “defined benefit” plans as workers’ future is secured by a formula based on characteristics such as tenure and pay. According to the Labor data, of the US Department, there were 175,000 defined-benefit plans in the private sector at their peak in 1983. By 2020, that number had dropped to around 46,000.

Companies with failed pensions may shift their responsibilities to the federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp which acts as a financial backstop that guarantees pension benefits. Beneficiaries, however, are not guaranteed to receive the whole amount promised.This is because PBGC insures benefits up to a certain age restriction. According to the PBGC, most retirees are not affected by this limit, but those who are would have their benefits reduced.

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