A significant source of emergency funds has begun to run out, threatening to hit an already overstretched industry at one of its most significant ends: attempting to hang on to low-paid staff in a tight job market. As a part of the pandemic era, much of $24 billion was given to the teachers in the form of wage increments or bonuses by the childcare providers to prevent them from resigning for higher-paid jobs. As the supply of federal funds is drastically coming to an end, childcare providers have mentioned that they’re likely to reduce salaries or increase tuition fees, which are some of the reasons that the parents have already taken their kids out of childcare.

Even though, by law, the United States has funds to distribute by the end of September, the providers say that they might run out of funds sooner. It was revealed in a survey by National Association for Education of Young Children (naeyc), that around twenty-two percent of childcare providers expect their payments by the end of January.

Renae Loth-Birch, the owner and executive director of Discover Magical Moments Daycare in Rochester, mentioned that if the stabilization grant goes away, then she has no idea of the next course of action. Teachers at childcare centres received more than a 40% hike over the past two years, that is from $14 per hour, before the pandemic, to $20 per hour now. Renae Loth-Birch mentioned that the increase, which the American Rescue Plan financed, was crucial for trying to keep her staff from resigning for jobs of higher pay at places like Target or a nearby provider which also offers benefits.

Even though the waitlist for the children is two pages long, four out of fourteen classrooms at Discover Magical Moments Daycare are empty. Due to the shortage of teachers, Renae Loth-Birch could only enroll about 126 students, which is less than the 184 students permitted by her license.

The staff in US childcare have reduced amicably. However, the childcare providers have reported that as they are unable to find enough staff, they are made to reduce the number of enrollments for the children.

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