On Thursday night the U.S. futures slipped after the decline of major averages.

Dow Jones industrial average futures decreased 46 points which are 0.1%.

S&P 500 decreased by 0.2% and Nasdaq 100 decreased by 0.4%.

During regular trading, the Dow Jones decreased by 431.20 points which are 1.26%. S&P 500 decreased by 1.38%. Nasdaq 100 decreased by 1.78%.

After January’s producer price index the losses have shown up, an inflation metric that tracks wholesale prices increased by 0.7%. Economists that Dow Jones surveyed expected a 0.4% increase. 

The equity sellouts increased late in the day after which came comments from St. Louis Federal Reserve president James Bullard.

He said he backed a 50 basis point interest rate hike at the central bank’s previous meeting and that would not rule out a rate increase of that magnitude at the march meeting.

“I think the equity market is listening to data about the consumer that’s concurrent- that there’s retail spending that bounced back, that consumer confidence bounced back, and that services PMI bounced out of contraction. There are things to be happy about – the labor market is still tight,” Liz Young said. 

Dow Jones decreased 0.51% for the week. The 30-stock index is on pace for the third week in a row and it has been negative all through.

Nasdaq has increased 1.18% for the week. S&P 500 has been flat.

Dow heads for a losing week, but Nasdaq remains in positive territory.

On a weekly basis, the stocks are mixed, following Thursday’s action.

Dow Jones has seen a decrease of 0.51%. 

Nasdaq 100 has seen an increase of 1.18%. 

S&P 500 is flat for the week. 

Doordash the online food delivery platform shares increased 7% after it reported a revenue beat and upbeat guidance. 

Texas Roadhouse the chain of restaurants shares decreased by 5%. 

Shares of the biotech company Moderna decreased 6.7% after a mixed results report in clinical trials.

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