Stock futures increased in overnight trading in monday.

Futures of Dow Jones industrial increased by 30 points. S&P 500 increased 0.1% and Nasdaq 100 futures increased 0.1%.

The blue-chip Dow increased more than 380 points on Monday.

S&P 500 increased 0.9%.

As investors worried about other banks with uninsured deposit bases after Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, First Republic Bank sold off 47% during the session, extending its month-to-date decline to 90%.

SPDR increased 1% on monday after decreasing 14% last week.

“Bank selling appears exhausted and it would take the emergence of fresh deposit problems at a new name to bring out incremental supply, although there’s very little interest to step in and buy the group, especially regionals,” Adam Crisafulli said.

77% is the pricing by traders for the quarter-point rate hike when the Fed wraps the policy meeting on Wednesday. Cme group’s Fedwatch tool confirms this.

European stoxx 600 increased 0.8% a little while after the open. With banks shaking off recent worries to lead the increase seen was 1.85%.

Auto stocks increased 1.25% and financial services increased 1.23%.

France’s CAC 40 increased 1.1%.

Germany’s DAX increased 0.9%,

U.K’s FTSE 100 increased 0.7%.

“Even if markets rebound from current levels in the short term, high uncertainty and lowered confidence levels are likely to mean an ongoing ‘fat & flat’ market given that valuations do not look particularly attractive,”

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