U.S. stock futures decreased in overnight trading on Tuesday.

Dow Jones’ industry decreased by 19 points. S&P 500 and Nasdaq also traded less.

Chipotle shares decreased by more than 4%. Cybersecurity stock Fortinet increased 15% after their earnings per share estimates.

After a volatile bout of trading on Tuesday stocks closed near session highs.

Dow Jones industrial increased by about 265 points or 0.78%. S & P increased 1.29%, and Nasdaq increased 1.9%. 

“We have a Federal reserve that no longer wants to be adversarial. And one could argue that they are not adversarial anymore, because they’ve had two opportunities in the last week to be that way. They didn’t do it” Joseph Terranova said.

Traders will watch for the latest reading on wholesale inventories due at 10 a.m. Economists are expecting an increase of 0.1% in December, this information is estimated by Dow Jones.

Chipotle shares decrease more than 4% after earnings in extended trading.

EBay plans to lay off 500 employees which are about 4% of the people working there.

The e-commerce stock increased by about 0.3%.

The three names making headlines after Tuesday

  1. Chipotle whose shares decreased more than 4%
  2. Lumen technologies whose shares decreased more than 16%
  3. Fortinet whose shares increased more than 11%. 

Stock futures open lower. Dow Jones industrial average futures decreased by 58 points or 0.17%. S&P 500 and Nasdaq decreased 0.19% and 0.2% respectively.

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