A fugitive wanted on stock manipulation charges related to losing money at a New Jersey deli once valued at $100 has agreed to be taken from Thailand to the U.S.A, this was said by the Thai authorities.

Peter Coker Jr was under arrest a week ago by the Thai police in Phuket, this happened 3 months after he and his father Peter Coker Sr., and another person James Patten was accused of a crime in New Jersey federal court.

The complaint alleges financial crimes which are related to two companies that are traded in public hometown international which owned only a modest, now-closed deli in Paulsboro, and E-waste, a shell company that did not possess any assets.

Coker jr, who is an American who has been living and doing business in hong kong, is being held in hong kong jail for a few weeks till further notice.

Thai Police said Coker jr. entered the country with a passport that was issued by the Caribbean island st. Kitts and Nevis. That nation sells citizenship in exchange for investments there.

“Mr. Coker jr voluntarily consented to be extradited to the U.S., which has simplified the court’s legal process,” Teerat limpayaraya said.

“We have to complete a 30-day waiting period as required by Thai law before sending him back,” said Teerat.

The prosecutor said that Coker jr, was visibly frail when he was taken in and told that he would be needing medical treatment for the disease of the liver.
“We believe that he entered Thailand with a possible plan to settle here,” Teerat said.

The Coker and Patten were accused of a scheme in which they bid up the value shares of hometown and e-waste, both of these had high capitalization in the market, though they were holding little assets of value. Later both companies found merger partners.

Hometown international chairmanship was served by Coker jr.
Patten and coker sr made court appearances due to their arrest Coker jr was believed to be big until his arrest.

A spokesperson for the U.S. attorney’s office in New Jersey confirmed Coker Jr’s. conception but did not comment further.

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