London Drugs has announced that it has reopened all the stores across Western Canada after the company fell victim to a cyber-attack in April, forcing the retailer to temporarily close.

Richmond, named after British Columbia, is a retailer and pharmacy chain that has 79 stores in western Canada.Its news release mentioned that it was resuming operations and collaborating with independent cybersecurity experts who are helping to achieve a stable state for the systems after the breach was spotted on April 28.

According to the company, even though the database for the LDExtra membership was compromised, it still lacks evidence that any patients’ pharmacy databases were exposed.

However, it adds that pharmacists are available at all locations to address urgent concerns, Canada Post points of service are operational inside stores, and optical service outlets are tentatively expected to be open by the end of the day.

By Tuesday, the London Drugs website posted one of its usual announcements that pharmacists remain available at all stores to address customers’ concerns and urgent needs.

The company states that their phone lines are open; however, people can also bring their previous prescription bottles to their nearest drugstore in the same way they shop during regular business hours.

 The company said on Monday that the connectivity problems were behind its pharmacies taking new prescriptions.

The already implanted systems have been bypassed for security testing and they have been authenticated by external cybersecurity experts. The firm is satisfied with the well-being and safety of the systems to be activated. Currently, data privacy breach has not been identified among LDExtras’ databases for customers as well as pharmacies clients and members. At the conclusion of current investigation activities if there was any data violations are found, the organization will make sure that the individuals affected by them are notified in compliance with the privacy regulations.

Moreover, every patient care site is set up with pharmacists to accommodate any last-minute needs and prescriptions. The insurance services call center, which receives consumer insurance inquiries, and Canada Post locations in retail shops, are the other two businesses that opened up again.

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